Follow these steps to register for daycare and/or boarding

  1. Be sure your dog meets all the required guidelines  **see below
  2. Have your vet fax over proof of required vaccinations... Fax (845) 262-0782
  3. Schedule an evaluation and tour (845) 208-6068
  4. Click the arrow below to register
  5. Note: Check out time for boarding is 11am.  After 11am, daycare will apply

Required Guidelines

  1. Up to date on required vaccinations (see vaccine tab)

  2. Current negative fecal test for intestinal parasites

  3. Must be free of fleas/ticks and on a control program

  4. Must be spayed or neutered. Exceptions made based on age or special circumstance

  5. Must pass a temperament evaluation for inappropriate behavior

Follow these steps to register for Pet Sitting in Your Home

  1. Click on the Form Tabs Below. Print, Complete and Return by Email.

  2. You Will be Contacted to Set Up Meet/Greet to Your Home